What is “Introduction to Clinical Research (ICRweb)”?

  • Introduction to Clinical Research (ICRweb) aims to provide on-line educational programs, to offer the most recent and instractive information relating to clinical research, and serve as a platform where those involved in clinical research can exchange information, for the purpose of creating and disseminating clinical research education programs.
  • ICRweb is an e-learning site that provides knowledge required for clinical research, intended not only for medical researchers who conduct clinical research, but also for clinical research coordinators (CRC) and other clinical research professionals who support it, members and secretariat of the ethics review committee, and all those who assist in the administrative work of research. It is also intended for fundamental researchers, epidemiologists, statisticians, and the general public who wish to learn about clinical research.
  • Our porpose is something that many clinical studies will be conducted with scientifically valid, ethical, and medically meaningful, building evidence for treatment and prevention, and information sharing will progress through networking among researchers. The ultimate goal is to lead to the equalization of medical care. We would be delighted if the ICRweb contributes to the happiness of as many patients as possible.

History of the ICRweb

  • 2023

    Site renewal

  • 2022

    Opened English pages and English contents

  • 2017

    Started charging for certificate issuance / Opened facility course contract

  • 2015

    Introduced in the "guidance on ethical guidelines for medical research involving human subjects"

  • 2014

    Opened the application software on smart phone.

    Opened posting job openings and seminar information

  • 2012

    The Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants, 2012
    "Study on how to develop human resources engaged in clinical research and clinical trials using the e-learning system ICRweb" groupProject leader: Seiichiro Yamamoto

  • 2009

    The Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants, 2009
    The Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants, 2009

    Introduced in the Director-General of Medical Policy Notice (Medical Policy Issue No. 0731001, July 31, 2008)

  • 2006

    Startted the service as e-learning site

    The Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants, 2006
    "Development of a multi-purpose educational program and dissemination system that aims to level the establishment of a clinical research infrastructure" group Principal investigator: Seiichiro Yamamoto

  • 2005

    Started activities as an educational course for staff at the National Cancer Center by volunteers of the National Cancer Center.



National Cancer Center Japan / Shizuoka Graduate University of Public Health

Seiichiro Yamamoto


National Cancer Center Japan

Junki Mizusawa / Suga Yamagami / Tomomi Hata / Takako Hitomi

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Tetsuya Ishida / Tomoya Yamagishi /
Ryoko Shitamori / Yoshitaka Hanabata /
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