If you forgot your account code such as user ID and password, you can confirm your user ID and issue a new password.
Please note the following points when using this service.

  1. You can use this service if you complete full registration. You can NOT use it if your account is in temporary registration status.
  2. A temporary password is sent to the e-mail address you registered. You cannot change your user ID. If you changed your e-mail address, contact us with your full name and user ID.
  3. We cannot look up your password because of system security reasons.
    After receiving the temporary password, sign in with your user ID and the password and ensure to change the password through "Change User Information" form.
  4. If you forgot both your user ID and registered e-mail address, you cannot get your account code.
    In this case, contact us with your full name ,telephone number and the name of your organization or company.

You cannot get your account code if user registration is not completed.
Enter e-mail address you registered in the text box bellow.

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