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System Requirements How to learn with slides and videos
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System Requirements

  1. Recommended browser
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Google chrome
  2. Style sheets
    Some contents on this site uses JavaScript. When using such contents, turn on (enable) the JavaScript setting on the browser.
  3. Pop-up blocker settings
    Some contents on this site appear on pop-up windows. Unable the pop-up control of the search toolbar, antivirus software, pop-up blocker function, browser settings, etc.
  4. Screen size
    This site is designed with a width of 1000 pixels due to the characteristics of the content. It will be displayed sufficiently on an XGA size (1024 × 768 pixels) display but is designed to be viewed comfortably on an SXGA size (1280 × 1024 pixels).
  5. Cookies
    A cookie is a mechanism that confirms a user by sending a small data file from the website server to the user's hard disk or memory when the user visit the site. The website reads it to recognize users who visit them repeatedly.
    • The text file that ICRweb sends as a cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information.
    • The main purpose of using cookies on ICRweb:
      1. To confirm the actual number of users who visited ICRWeb (traffic survey)
      2. To identify users in specific contents (user identification)

How to learn with slides and videos

  • Click theblue triangle button pointing to the right to view the next slide.
  • You cannot skip slides when taking the lecture for the first time.
  • If you stop the slide in the midst of the lecture, the viewing history is recorded up to the point where the green check mark is displayed on the "Index" tab, and you can restart from that point in the next time.
  • If the commentary on the "Note" tab is difficult to read, download the PDF document from the overview page.
  • If the characters on the video screen slide are difficult to read, you can click the screen switch button at the bottom right of the screen to switch the screen and enlarge the slide for viewing.

Inquiries relating to viewing lectures

If you are unable to view the lecture on your PC, please "Contact us" and let us know the followings.
  1. If an error message is displayed on the screen, provide us with as many details as possible about the message.
  2. Which lecture were you unable to view?
  3. Were you able to view lectures on the ICRweb site before this problem occurred?
  4. Are you able to view other lectures on the ICRweb site?
  5. Can you view the lecture if you log in with another browser or another PC?
  6. Provide us with information on your PC settings (OS, name of browser, version, etc.).
    Access this page from the troubled PC and let us know the full text displayed in the light blue box bellow.

We will examine the problem based on the information you provide. If the situation of your inquiry does not recur, we may ask for additional information. Depending on the situation, it may take some time for us to respond.

If you are able to view the lecture on another PC or network within your organization, you may be able to resolve the problem by cinsulting with your organization's network administrator or system administrator.